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Les Paul Custom Lite ~ future plans?


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Anybody have an idea if there are future plans for more Les Paul Custom Lite guitars? I have had four, all of them stellar. I know they are polarizing, but every time somebody plays mine they are blown away with their comfort and tone.

My current one (http://legacy.gibson.com/Products/E...Gibson-USA/Les-Paul-Custom-Classic-Light.aspx) is attached. My absolute fantasy (for those at Gibson that might be listening!) is that same guitar but in Wine Red, axcess neck heel, under 7 pounds... satin finish would be an even bigger bonus!


Les Paul Lite2.jpg

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I think they are great for the reasons you stated. No plans (I'm aware of) for any more, but Gibson do reprise models when it suits them.

I have a Less Pluss from the despised 2015 collection. You can see the extra wide neck from this pic which suits how I play perfectly. 

The thin body is wonderful for upper fret access.


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Mine was from 2012 and was a Custom Lite model.  It only had one tone control and a toggle switch for coil splitting (like mercifuls in the photo above).  I had the toggle replaced with a second tone knob that was push/pull for the splitting.  Loved the comfort of it, thin and light weight yet still sounded like a LP should.  I have seen examples going back as far as 1989, not sure if they made any before that or not?  Seems they will make some in a given year, then not make any for many years, then make a few more so hard to guess if and when they may come back again.


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I have been eyeballing one of these in Alpine White for a few years. I just pulled the trigger on this one last night. It is light years different than anything I have. I’m looking forward to it’s arrival………



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