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Epi Joe Pass Emperor Korean (First model) 96 Samick factory


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Just wondering how these are regarded. Have the opportunity to buy one at a decent price. I wont go into the Korea / Vs China thing as I have and have had tons of Chinese Epis and I think they are a fine instrument. I bought a MIC Riviera which was beat to hell, looked like it had been underwater the bridge was that corroded, but replaced the bridge, cleaned it up and looks like new now. 

Some of the Korean models I have had in the past looked well made (Sheraton, Dot) and were strong but just had no tone or feel. Could I expect this to be a different sound and feel to a Sheraton? I know there are newer models (JP II, pro etc) but how are these regarded? I see most of them for sale are the Joe Pass II model, makes me wonder was this an upgrade or problems with the first one? 

Any build / neck issues? Would actually prefer a more brighter than woody tone. 

Any advice appreciated


EDIT: BTW I assumed this was a standard Joe Pass Emperor, and not the Emperor II, as there is no Joe Pass II on the Truss cover, and the label inside the guitar says only Emperor. Is this a first series Emperor or and Emperor II?






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I've got a Blondie strung with Webstrings New York Jazz 13's and consider it to be precious. My 13's are tuned D to D to relieve tension on the Neck/Body joint. There's a Sunburst that had the coloration of the early 90's Sheraton (more of a Dark Burst) that I desire very much. Surprisingly I've seen just one in my travels. The "Emperor Joe" has very nearly the playability of the Gretsch 6120 Terada MIJ which is my highest accolade for "Emperor Joe."




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