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IBG J-45 cutaway

Pat Huey

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Tone to the bone!!!  I have an IBG J-45 non-cut away,  and also an IBG Hummingbird. I am able to directly compare these two IBG's neck to neck, with the Gibson J-45 and the Gibson Hummingbird counterparts because I have both of those as well. The Gibsons are better, no question...but that would not be immediately obvious unless you played them back to back, even then it is hard to tell. The IBG's are very, very, good. I use the IBG versions in winter and under harsh conditions, while leaving the Gibsons in their case in low humidity conditions etc. I use all four, regularly. And the two matched pairs of guitars are a perfect fit, and well worth the money. I will predict that the IBG's will one day stop being produced, they are just too good and likely compete with the Gibson models. If anyone wants one, I suggest they get them now before they are gone. They are lifetime guitars, solid wood, bone nut and saddle..and the finish is so good, I wish it were on both my Gibsons instead of nitro because they would be far more durable and would be played a lot more. The IBG finish is beautiful to the touch and to the eye. There is no such thing as a "sticky neck" on an IBG model, and no sweat marks or stains ever develop that can not easily be wiped off. This new finish on the IBG's is even better than the formula Taylor uses for the finishes on their guitars, and looks really smooth and semi gloss delicious.!

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