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Gibson SJ1951 value?


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I bought this guitar 10 years ago and it is a HORSE of a guitar.  That said I am starting to think of parting ways with it and wondering what its worth.

Background-  Some people think it may have been refinished RIGHT when it was bought for some reason.  Regardless it can't be from much later than when purchased.  years back on this forum someone said they did a few brown bursts in 1951 but I don't know.

It plays great.  It has a few cracks pictured here.  I had some repaired when I first bought it.  So I could have that done again i suppose. 

Here are some pics




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That does not look like a Gibson factory sunburst to me, and the back also looks like someone used a spray can of  some type of finish on the guitar. The pickguard is obviously not original. Without a first-hand inspection, it is difficult to put a price on it. A good  re-finish generally depreciates a vintage guitar by at least 1/3, all other things being equal.  A mediocre re-finish will depreciate it even more.


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Values tend to differ whether you are talking insurance or market with insurance tending to be higher.    I think J45nick though is being a bit generous when it comes to devaluing a guitar with a refinish.  While it will vary depending on rarity of the guitar and quality of the refinish, unless things have changed as a rule of thumb back in the day I would start haggling at a price point reduced by 50%.  Not saying that is what I would get the guitar for but just where I would start.  Un-repaired condition issues, replacement of original parts, and what have you would only strengthen my case.   But if you are talking about resale value, in the end it really comes down to how badly somebody else wants the guitar.

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Price wise Reverb groups them 1946-1955. Here are the sold over the past 16 months 

12/30/2021 Good $4,500
10/13/2021 Very Good $11,750
09/02/2021 Very Good $2,925
07/23/2021 Very Good $4,499
05/04/2021 Excellent


04/10/2021 Very Good $6,500
02/16/2021 Good $5,679.24
01/27/2021 Excellent $7,250
01/01/2021 Very Good $4,500
12/17/2020 Excellent $6,100
10/17/2020 Very Good $4,700
10/07/2020 Good $4,350
09/23/2020 Excellent $6,999.99
08/23/2020 Excellent $7,200
08/23/2020 Fair $4,000



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