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We have a vintage Gibson guitar that we believe, because of the logo and the history in our family, is a 1947ish model. We see no markings inside the body. We recently replaced the strings and keys. It appears to be in very good condition. Could anyone give us additional information?  Thank you. 





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If there is a 'V' shaped brace just inside and below the sound hole, you're lucky to own an LG2.  If the brace is a piece that goes straight across under the sound hole, it is the ladder-braced LG1 version, thus having perhaps 1/4 (or more) the value in the vintage market.

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Whitefang, my research indicates that the logo changed in 1947.

jedzep, we do have the V-shaped brace.  So you guys, and what I have learned, indicate that it is an LG2. It hasn’t been played in 50 years or so. My husband’s grandmother bought it in 1947 or ‘48 and paid about $60 for it. 

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May have come with a very cheap cardboard type case.  It is valuable enough to go out and spend a couple of hundred on a substantial one. TKS comes to mine.  Congrats.  And, yes, as JedZep suggested,  tune the strings down a good bit.  At least until you have time to have a 'luthier' look at it for neck issues, loose braces, etc.  Not a tech at Guitar Center...

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