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5-string Spirit bass/7-string guitar pickup??

jim g

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I've asked about replacement pickups for my Spirit XT-25 several times, especially now that one has stopped working. Obviously nobody makes a drop-in aftermarket, and Gibson has obviously forgotten Steinberger ever existed. I really don't want to spend a bunch of money on custom pickups for a cheap 5-string, especially since they'd be worthless if, say, the neck crapped out..SO...has anybody out there in Forumland attempted a 7-string guitar pickup in one of these little 5-strings, or know of anyone who has?  The dimensions are very close, but what one would work? Would it have to be a rail? Here's a link to a DiMarzio 7-string rail I was thinking of. My Sweetwater rep said it would sound terrible. Anybody here have an opinion?


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