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Les Paul Custom Silverburst,  possibly/probably 2012.

'2' at the beginning of the serial number usually means the last digit of the year.  '1868' probably means the 1868th guitar produced that year.

2002? Probably not, they weren't making that many CS guitars back then.

2022?  No. 

Forum members please correct me if I'm wrong.

Best wishes!

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Hey guys,

Thanks  for the responses, 

I contacted old owner, it was purchased by him in 2015 second hand, it’s either a 2002 or 2012,

With the research I was able to do, I found identical models with the witch hat knobs and only burst on the front. This model has the black back! 
Pretty sure it’s a 2012, but does it have the long neck tenon? I’ll pull the neck pickup out and see… 

Would anyone know value? Thinking about selling and getting a Heritage cherry sunburst model as I don’t care too much for silver 😅

I obtained this due to a circumstance, not by choice. 

Thanks guys! 


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1 hour ago, jdgm said:

Thankyou - yes after I posted I had another think.....2012 is too early for the style of Gibson decal on the volute.

More like 2020!

](*,)    Duh.....I wuz right first time.  I'm going back to saying it's 2012.

...Which must have been about when they started putting that Gibson decal on the volute....:-k

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