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1977 custom L5 Ces Natural finish

Joseph Utt

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I have a 77 custom L5 Ces in natural finish , it does not have a sticker inside . Does that hurt value of  the guitar ? It is in mint condition with original Norlan papers and case.  I may have the original receipt from pied piper where it was purchased . It was left to me by a great uncle and I was looking at the prices they are selling for and was floored . It has no fret or fret board wear and the back of neck doesn’t look like it’s ever been played.  Have had several offers by musician friends but not sure it I want to sell.  I don’t play but it would be a nice one to learn on. I see the sticker in pics of older l5s but the newer ones do t seem to have them.  Can you help?







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I don't think the lack of a label inside will affect the value much at all,  given that you have the documentation.

It's a very beautiful guitar in superb condition and I'd get it insured...but a proper valuation/appraisal costs $$.  

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Good luck!

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