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Anyone please help certify this Les Paul Standard - Pleaseee..


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Hi everyone,


I am still struggling to fulfill my dream of owning a Gibson LP and I have stumbled across this guitar. Could someone tell me if it seems genuine? He's saying it's a 60's neck and only about a couple of years old, in pristine condition. I don't know if it is a chambered body or not. Maybe someone here could tell me? I tried to performe a search by the serial number but I couldn't find it anymore on the website.. Any information will be really appreciated.. Many thanks in advance to all of you.


I have uploaded the only pictures that I've received and the serial number is 016760484 . Many thanks again..





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I tracked it on www.guitardaterproject.org and here is what it came back with.


Your guitar was made at the

Nashville Plant' date=' TN, USA

June 16th, 2006

Production Number: 184 [/quote']


Ohh.. thanks for all your support..


Could anyone give me anymore infos? does it look genuine? is it a chambered body?

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Hi everyone and once again thanks for all your help and support. Just picked up the beauty and it is indeed in pristine condition. I have been told that it requires action resetting as it has a chord buzzing on some of the frets. What buffles me is that the chords themselves seem pretty high up from the frets and resetting will probably lift them higher. But all in all looks precisely like a Gibson in as new condition. I could only see a hairline scratch on the back but barely visible.. I have only payed £850 which is like 1000 euros or $1200. Have I gone wrong with anything? Again, any opinion will be appreciated.


this is the link of the advert and luckily it was just a 30 minutes drive from my house. Really nice fella that wanted to make sure that I was happy with every little bit of my purchase..




I am waiting for your reply and I could post some pictures if anyone requires a particular angle in order to give me some more certainty about it.


Many thanks everyone

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He means Tim and I have been cleaning up after him all morning....[-X


Comon' people.. this is serious stuff here.. I'm trying to make sure I'm not getting conned here, and also that some fake guitar is not entering some poor shmuck's world.. Could everyone please focus? Many thanks in advance...

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I'm pretty fekkin sure I am focused. If you'd read the posts and put 2&2 together you'll see what I'm talking about.


Focus on that !


Ahhh.. sorry mate.. got it now.. 2 + 2 = we've been cleaning up after Deepblue and he's standing errected O:)


How could I never see your point of view.. sorry mate.. my mistake for trying to make sure I ain't spending 1200 bucks on a fake... uff such an irresponssible person I am... Once again.. please accept my appologies.. .. 2 and 2 together.. oohhh God..

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It's a 06 Standard plain and simple. Weight relieved not chambered. Price seems reasonable.


And it's not a fake ....


thanks Axe.. does this mean that it's in between the full bodied and chambered? is it like "the best of both worlds as in lighter and no sound quality loss at the same time? Or is it affecting it's body resonance compared to the full bodied (non-chambered or non-weight relieved) models? It's got a really slender neck.. didn't weigh it yet but it does not feel too heavy at all.. Or it could be due to my excitement that I can't feel the real weight on my shoulder :-k

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Hi everyone.. and many thanks for all your help..


Unbelievable but it happened.. the dream is real.. Finally got my first Gibson Les Paul and most important - it's an original in a pristine condition. I owe it to all of you..


Many thanks again and I can only hope I will live up to its expectations :-)

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