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Identification help please!


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Hi all, I've got a bit of a favour to ask... can anyone identify or give me a clue as to what on earth this guitar is? My father died recently and he was in the middle of repairing the headstock on this so any logo is not currently there. We can make out the last three/four digits of a stamped serial number on the back of the headstock, but it's not overly clear. I'm aware this is probably a copy, but thought that going to Gibson lovers would be the best bet!
Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!
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Sorry you have no replies so far. I'm not an expert and don't know much about Explorers. 

It doesn't look like a Gibson. The knobs usually follow the line of the lower pickguard angle, not the neck. The pickguard is different also.

The guitar may be good though. The bridge is a Schaller 3D-6. Those are not cheap. The case seems correct and original. The 12th fret inlay may be a clue to someone but I don't recognise it. 

Good luck

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