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Gibson Songwriter saddle TUSQ question


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Hello guys, I have a question regarding TUSQ saddle in my Songwriter Standard.. One end of the saddle is not perfectly round, I assume from sanding it down by hand(I know tusq saddles are just tiny bit wider than they need to be, when new) so there is one small gap, that you can see in a picture.. This is my first acoustic guitar, I have been playing electrics my whole life, so if you can maybe tell me, does saddle needs to be perfect fit, or this is normal? Can this cause any damage or something to bridge longterm? thanks in advance



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3 minutes ago, pimousso said:

Actually I'd say It's better that you have some little room because of wood changes (humidity...).


Yeah, I agree, but I mean, it is just in one corner, that one facing bridge pins, not neck..so it is not on part where strings apply pressure..Underneath is Fishman pickup..
I have same tusq replacement saddle, just wonder if it is worth the effort to sand it down and to replace it..but I think this should be fine then..

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9 minutes ago, Dave F said:

I’d be more concerned about the flatness and squareness of the bottom of the saddle and a snug fit width wise than the ends. 

Checked that, perfectly flat, just as it should be, especially over pickup underneath itd.. So, all is good in that sense 🙂

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