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Inherited 60's B-25: Restoration Do's and Don'ts?


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Hi All,

My mother's 60's (don't know the exact year she got it) B-25 Natural has been passed on to me. I want to know what restoration/care should and should not be done on these vintage guitars. I don't want to have something done to it that reduces its quality and value.  I've attached pictures for reference. Appreciate any advice you can offer!




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Common issues with these are loose braces and a de-laminating bridge plate. Neither are super expensive repairs, and very important. The bridge looks fine in these photos, but make sure it isn't lifting. There is a decent chance it would benefit from a neck reset.

The only other thing I would consider is replacing the tuners if they don't work well, or if they aren't original. I'd stick to modern reproductions of the original type.

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