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I need a Hofner Beatle Bass Expert

duane v

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I was looking for a 70's Fender P-Bass and was looking through the Guitar Center Vintage section and a 1964 Hofner 500/1 left handed Serial # 2040 for $1799. So I called the store directly to confirm and sure enough the guy went to the back and confirmed the serial number was stamped on the top of the headstock. He also stated he wasn't an expert but believed it was a 1990's but it looked older as the bass has surface cracks (as he called it) all over.

So I immediately purchased it. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself but what are the chances this is a vintage bass? Any help would be greatly appreciated. The Serial number would indicate this is a 1964-65 Hofner bass according to those online date finders. Please see images.



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6 minutes ago, Rabs said:

Have you watched Get Back ten times now?¬† ūüėĄ¬†

4 for me, but I still know nothing about those  basses except they were supposedly cheap and Macca played them and they were then made in Deutschland.

 I do have The Beatles Gear book and should look it up and see what it says. 

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1 hour ago, slimt said:

Raised white plastic logo.  Staple pickups.   Alot were blade pickups.    Looks mid 60s.  

That would be a treat if that bass was a mid-60's Hofner, but I can't see Guitar Center making that kind of mistake...........

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2 hours ago, duane v said:

Here's close-up of the body




I think someone at GC could of put a 9 instead of a 6.   I had a righty very much like your photo.     .     I had a very early one as well with the decal logo.      Nice bass.  

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The bass finally made it after a week of travel time.... I'll admit I was a bit worried.

It came with everything... the embossed pickguard, COA and the original invoice from 1998. You can tell this sucker has been played.... Totally stoked it has a one-piece back. I've been really luck that 3 of my 4 Hofners have one-piece backs. 










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On 2/6/2022 at 3:27 AM, fretplay said:

Hofner is a greatly underrated guitar maker mostly because they were all you could get in UK before 1960.   I had a Hofner Verthin like a Gibson 330 but lighter, great guitar, wish I had it now.

I have a Sunburst one on back order. None in stock anywhere.. Played one at NAMM a couple years ago & have been wanting one ever since.. Super nice Bass!

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