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I just got tix to see George Fukin Clinton and Parliament and Funkadelic next Thurday, at a small place in Newport News. It used to be Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and it folded. Its now called Good Vibes Concert Hall. Its a big bar and not at all a Concert Hall.

Got tix or Ringo Star, Little Feat, and Lyle Lovett.

Tix go on sale for Guided By Voices next week. I've seen them about 8 or 9 times and getting tix won't be a problem, and if I don't go no biggie.

I want to go see Eric Johnson at the HOB in North Myrtle Beach. All that is left is General. Seen him once, so if I don't go no biggie again.

I also have tix for Jason Isbell, and I've seen him 8 or 9 time and he is becoming a d-ouch like most rock stars. When they start out they are hungry and then they make it, and life changes for them. First time I saw him was in a large wedding tent. That will never happen again. He is turning into of of those guy like Neil Young, where if our opinion does not align with his your a bad person. So I am just going to let my wife go and take a her brother who has never seen him.

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