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Not a guitar topic - Heimlich Maneuver for dogs


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2 hours ago, Sgt. Pepper said:

If you are going to own a pet have the decency to treat them right. Yes they are animals, but so are we. My dog lives a great life and can go anywhere in the house she wants. She can be up on the couch and gets walked and played with and has an entire backyard to run around in. The only time she is out in the cold, is the 5 mins she is outside, when it’s cold, and she had to take care of business. 
Most times I would rather hang out with my dog than people.

Never trust someone who dogs don't like and vice versa. Author Ann Rule's dog loved EVERYBODY - except for her friend, a Mr. Theodore Bundy. 

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Agree, having a pet comes with the responsibility of seeing after their needs, not limited to  just feeding them.  Each of ours have their own dog bed, bowels, toys and get equal time in the backyard and at the park.  The little mixed breed hound is my wife's shadow and the big dog is my wingman.  The little girl is a people pleaser and good-will ambassador of the house, while the big girl is the watchdog and  makes sure company doesn't steal the good china.

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