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Cristian W

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Hi dear Gibson enthusiasts

My mother passed this down to me, but she could not tell me anything, other than she had this beauty in her possession since she was 18 years old.


What I would simply like to know is, What model this guitar is in regards to the following terms:

- 50's, 60's, 70´s

- B-25, B-45, J45, J50

Everything i am sure of is that the Serial # is 811846, and that that should indicate that it was made in either 1966 or 1969

All additional info regarding manufacturer details, or really any details at all, would be much appreciated as well


Kindest regards,






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chose wrong picture
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It is a B-25-12.

Based on these two pictures alone, I would guess 1966 over 1969, but that could easily be wrong.

By 1969, most B-25-12 models were using a belly-down pin bridge. I don't think this rectangular bridge is original (it would have had an adjustable saddle), but unless it was completely refinished, there is no evidence of any other footprint.

The finish is odd, though. I can't tell if it is a faded sunburst or a darkened natural. Either are possible.

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