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J-15 Has Opened Up Quite Nicely.


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Mine's a 2017. I've owned several walnut guitars and always loved the tone. Chunky. I guess the J-15 has been discontinued and that's a shame, they are a really good guitar for the money. The tone is not as complex as my old J-45 Rosewood/ebony, but sometimes you just want "chunky".

This was recorded with an antique ipad mini, at least 15/18 feet away in the middle of the woods with no mics/no electricity. It's become quite the cannon. I used the Gibson strings until they changed, have used GHS Brite 80/20 Bronze (12-54) ever since. Sorry the playing is so sloppy, this was recorded last fall and the temp was in the 40's. Old fingers...



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Thanks for the kind words.

What was the reasoning behind dropping the J-15? Pretty much everybody except Hogeye loves them. I'm sure the margins weren't much due to the price, however it built more interest and long term customers. Plus they were "Merican."

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It is great to hear ya and that you seem to be back and ready to party.

I never really got the opening up stuff though.  As has been said, it does take a guitar a while to figure out is is no longer a tree but I have always seen that as really just settling in.   Part of though could be that after you have lived with a guitar for a while and learn what it can do your ears just start picking up on more of what it has to reveal.

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4 hours ago, Murph said:

Thanks, all.


Why was the J-15 dis-continued ?

Sales? Not enough profit margin? The new leadership wanted to go with the more classic line up? Who know why Gibson does what they do, I guess cause they can.

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