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Anyone out there own a Heritage?


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I already have a beloved SG Classic, but am seriously considering purchasing a used LP-style Heritage. I already know all the history; people selling them on ebay seem intent on chirping about it endlessly. (That said, it IS a good story!) I'm just curious if anyone owns one, and what your opinion was. I got to play a H-535 (their version of a 335) and thought it was excellent. The one thing that REALLY BUGS ME about the Heritage is the (IMO) dumb-looking headstock.

Anyway, if you have any insight, I love to hear from you!

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Every Heritage I've played has been excellent. I can never keep straight what there model name/numbers are. though.


The two I played and was most impressed by were the es335-equivalent and the es175-equivalent.


Apparently the 335-ish one is a 535, based on the prior post. I didn't remember. I just knew that the last one I played was one of the best guitars I've ever touched.


Their Les Paul-equivalents are nice too, but they weren't incredibly amazingly nice like the hollow and semihollow ones. They were just nice.


And there is one with a Les Paul-like body, but a six on a side headstock. That one is kind of weird to a traditionalist. But a friend has one and says it's the best guitar he's ever owned.

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i own 3 Heritage solidbody guitars. in a nutshell, they are well-built, great sounding instruments. Heritage uses quality hardware, quality woods and the fit and finish and "playability" is second to none.

i don't know what sort of prices are on Ebay, but Wolfe Guitars (Jupiter Florida) have a huge selection and can custom order any type of Heritage guitar you want. they are a new dealer, but often have great prices on used Heritage guitars too. worth checking out.


1. Heritage Goldtop




2. Lemonburst ?




3. 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Tobacco-burst



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Six-string, every time I see pics like that, it makes me want to fork over the money. I thought it was interesting that they shut the company down for a little bit, then re-open it. I wonder what happened?

Again though - and I know this is stupid - I have a hard time with the shape of that headstock. For some reason, it doesn't look as bad to me on a 535 or the like, but on a LP style, it just seems...off. Maybe I've been brainwashed by the normal looking headstocks; don't like Dean headstocks either.

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you should buy one.

don't be brainwashed with that headstock stuff. its nonsense.

look at the positives.

you get a mostly handmade beautiful guitar that rocks.

a heritage will cost you about 1/2 of what a similar style/quality gibbo would cost.

if heritage do go out of biz...then the guitars will probably increase in value as collector's items anyway.

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I took a look at the article, Vince Margol took part ownership in 2007 I met him along with the others(JP and Bill, Marvin was not there that day) while taking the tour. They had about 30 or so guitars ready to ship and were in full swing building them while I was there, so far they are still going and hopefully continue to. Thanks for the link Heymisterk.

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