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Gibson vs. counterfeiters - microchips in guitars


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Saw this on the Gibson website.


Seems they have been putting transponder chips in guitars since 1999.

I did not know this.






[-( It's Big Brother at Work. The government just wants to keep tabs on your Guitar :^o :) JK


For real though, it's a good idea, but I bet the good counterfeiters already have a batch of Chinese Transponder Chips that thouroughly fool the computers that scan them. Technology is the High Preistess of False Security.

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Get half a dozen guys in a room to implement a plan like this and call it good.


Around the world there are thousands of people who spend every waking moment learning to defeat it.


Security is always perception first.


Still a good idea, and Gibson hasn't been very vocal about this until now.

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Absolutly, Gibson deserves Kudos for making it as hard as possible on Counterfeiters. But as a consumer, I'd still be aware of the things that make a Gibson a Gibson. Like if it has a Plastic Nut and a Micro Chip, it's probably not a Custon Shop Gibson. But I don't mean to imply that Gibson is wasting their time, not at all.

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My guess is they will do everything possible to keep it proprietary.

So, yes....


I'm sure they have a trick or two up their sleeve.

Despite Henry's repeated attempts to make us believe otherwise, there are some sharp people at Gibson.


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I sent mine in for warranty work and they shipped it back so I literally got mine from the factory. I have no intention of selling it ever. What my kids or grand kids do with it is their business. I hope they are nice to it. My Hamer too. I think of them as family members. The Tacoma and Washburn too. I don't know why. Most of my stuff I do not care what they do with it. Who could you leave your guitars to so you'd know they'd be take care of and not abused?

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Good question.


I have a '93 Strat that will go to my oldest daughter, she knows it's "hers" already.

My two younger ones haven't really expressed an interest.


My wife's son is a good player and had his eye on a couple but he pawned all his guitars for a few bucks.

He's out, at least for now.


I suppose it will be up to my wife to take care of them if something happens to me, she knows a few people to go to.

I have a couple of friends who are great players and have nice collections of their own.

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