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So my wife was walking around singing "Mack The Knife" for a few weeks....was stuck in her head, so she said she wanted me to learn it.

There are a LOT of chords to remember, (for an old guy).

I love the way the Hummingbird has 'opened up', (it's 11 years old now).

Here I am...no effects....no amps.... no special recording equipment....just me, the 'Bird and an iPhone, (and my trusty stool, of course)!


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47 minutes ago, Salfromchatham said:

This is awesome. I love it. EXCELLENT


But the hallway behind you... if you see a kid riding on a big wheel. or two twin girls...  run.

Thanks....I kinda like how it turned out....wish the final Eb6 could have been stronger....but that's the best I can do.

Yeah.... the back hall is pretty wide and pretty long.   We still have to put the photos back up, (after we painted it).

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1 hour ago, fortyearspickn said:


You played more chords in that one song than I've ever known !    Commendable job on a song with a difficulty factor of 11 !      Thanks!!  

Ya know....I think it was more chords than I know too!

Certainly would be 'un-doable' for me without a chart!

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10 minutes ago, Lars68 said:

Very nice! great job.

Jusding by your halway, you could be an incredibly cool hotel manager 😀


Thanks, Lars......I'm so incredibly "politically incorrect" I wouldn't last a week as any kind of service manager.

I'll have to make a video that shows the front hall way, (not as long, nor as wide....but still a cool hallway!).

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46 minutes ago, kwalker201 said:

I was thinking this yesterday when I watched this thinking his he in a hotel hall 😂 

HA!   No...that's the back hallway...I had to learn to bring what I need to the back of the house when fixing something 'cause it's a LONG way to the toolbox in the garage!

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21 hours ago, DanvillRob said:

Thanks.   it is a classic..... Bobby Darin OWNS that song....so every cover is just that.... but made the wife happy!

It's definitely in my top-x old standards favorites list. Hard to believe it's the same guy as "Splish Splash, I Was Taking a Bath" or whatever that song was called.

Best version I had ever heard was some local DJ on a Pop Rock station back in '87-'89 in the DC area. He channeled some sort of Sinatra meets Darin voice that just plain worked. People used to request it despite the station's format. Great songs transcend genre, right? 

I agree with 40yearspickn on the chords usage. Dang! Mine is a 4-chord disaster.

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15 hours ago, BoSoxBiker said:

I had figured someone forced him into assisted living and thought I'd be reading a "not without my guitars" posting.  😀  

I sure hope I'm never forced to move into a 'warehouse facility'.   When I retired I bought a  'Long-Term Care Policy'.....I'm hoping it'll keep my in my home, no matter what, until the carry me out feet first with a toe tag on.

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13 hours ago, MissouriPicker said:

Loved it, man!  You sound real good.  Really a sweet rendition.   Birds are real nice guitars to have in front of you………Really enjoyed it.

Thanks, MP.... I've come to really like this 'Bird.

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2 hours ago, Murph said:

Yea, I think I want to get a Hummingbird someday. 

Murph, I've told the story of how I ended up with a Dove (40+ years ago), but basically it started with a lust for a Hummingbird.

I bought this one in 2011 brand-new from GC.   Was pretty green....but I had it professionally set up.....it played fantastic, but couldn't hold up to the Doves.

After over 10 years it's opened up and now sounds as good as it plays!

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