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This LP Special P90 TV Yellow has been modified... should I buy it?


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Hello all!

I'm new here but I bought my first Gibson 30 years ago 🙂 ! Happy to join the community.

I would like to buy a LP Special P90 TV Yellow and I found a second hand guitar that has been modified with the following changes:

- 50s wiring
- Russian PIO capacitors (NOS)
- P90 Engine Pickups 9,6K on the bridge side (the original one is supplied) (it is a hand made pickup that I didn't find any information about)

The guitar is in perfect condition and the seller seems to have choosen this one among many others for its light weight (7.05 pounds).

Since I know NOTHING about electronics I would like to have your opinion on the modifications made on this guitar.
I have to admit that the light weight is appealing. Is 7.05 pounds really on the light side? What is the average weight for this model?
What about the 50s wiring (he told me that it brings sound clarity when the volume knob is turned down)? Does it add any value?
What about the Russian PIO capacitors?

The price would be approximately the same than a brand new production model from my local shop.

Thank you very much for your help 🙂

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I did a quick search for 


Russian PIO capacitors

Plenty of info there. Also plenty of opinions. 

Whether capacitors make any difference or not to sound; I'm in the don't know camp. So is my luthier. The only difference is he has carried out these swaps and I haven't. Evidently he cant hear a difference. 

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I'd say if you were going to get a price break on it and it sounds good, go for it. People who think modding a guitar makes them more valuable are loons. But I put $500 extra into it. Well that was your decision and its mine to decide to buy it or not. You will be getting the original pups, and say you can try it out. So that is a plus.

Or why not buy new and have a warranty?

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