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Hello from France!


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Hello Gibson lovers!

I remember that my parents opened a bank account when I was a kid and with all the saving I was supposed to pass my driver licence. I decided to spend all the money on a Gibson Les Paul Standard instead. Unfortunately I had to sell it few years later because I needed the money for something else.
This was a huge mistake and I regret this guitar every single day.

Anyway, now I'm grown up and I bought a ES-339 last year to confort me and I'm about to buy a second Gibson. 

Happy to join the club!


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Hello, welcome....I am in the UK.

I think we ALL have a "wish I hadn't sold that" story....

For me it was a 1966 Strat (rosewood board, large headstock, sunburst, serial 161234) I sold for £350 about 6 months before Strats became desirable again because of Mark Knopfler.  That guitar must be worth at least £8k now.   Then there was my 1st Gibson, a L-6s Deluxe. 

Anyway, best wishes! [cool]

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