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Strange tone potmeter behavior on brand new '56 Goldtop VOS?


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Hi, I'm new to this forum. Just bought a beautiful 2006 model (obviously been in the shop or storage for a while) R6 '56 Goldtop VOS from Guitar Center in Houston two weeks ago. Brought it home to Norway with me, and have been playing it continously ever since. I can honestly say it's the best guitar I've ever played.


There is however one issue with it, the tone control for the bridge pickup behaves kind of strange. Its range is where it should be, i.e. it starts on 0 and stops at the other end at 10, so it's not a question of knob placement. The strange behavior is that it's got the mest treble at a setting of around 5-6, not at 10 where it should be. I've done some searches around the web, but can't find out what to do.


I have sent an email to Gibson, but of course they won't give me warranty help here in Europe since I bought it in the US, and taking it back to the shop where I bought it would cost me over 1000$ just in plane tickets... I could take it into one of my local shops, but that kind of work costs a lot of money here in Norway, so I'm trying to figure out if this is something I could fix myself somehow. Has anyone got any tips for what I could do to remedy the problem, short of replacing the potmeter? I would like to keep it as original as possible of course.

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