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Are there any plans for a 2009 Summer Jam ??


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Here are some (also lots of private jams - by invitation or local jams - local clubs) I got to one every spring -- 3 days of folk music playing -- 7 AM to 11 PM -- whatever rings your chimes. .. nnot much sheet music. Mostly 1-4-5. I am 68 (you know) .. so there was a gal about 70 (pretty to my eyes) and she was singing Hank Williams and a lot of country -- a guy was fiddling and we were having a ball. So I moved over into blues territory .. Began with "I Don't Know Enough About you " (Peggy Lee) and "You Was Right Baby" ... she's doin it. ya know? so I said "hey lady you are doin it!" and she said "I didn't just fall off a truck honey!" We laughed. Anyway guitars, fiddles, accordions, banjos,

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eg8JPZW78Sc ... three full 18 hour days (whew -- hard on your fingers) .. then Monday I have practice and Tuesday I have a trio. Wednesday .. 4 hrs. band .. blood blisters by that time. (the bass actually got blood blisters! Too much bass playing (stand up -- acoustic) (oh this thing I go to -- no electrics allowed. Zilch. All acoustic -- flutes, fiddles, anything foes but nothing on amps.















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I hope to go, I didn't receive my tickets until the Wed before last year's show. I'll say it again if your from Illinois and have

a good driving record you may not get in or drink. I got in but they would not give me a over 21 arm band.

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