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Stacking cases or storing the guitar


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I have now 4 guitars, 3 LP and one stratocaster

I used to stacke all cases on top of each other...is that safe? I am concerned about latest custom I have.....

the Standard LP 2015 has a rugged case....and fender strat also....but I am not sure about custom LP cases....

Also can you keep them in unheated room during winter? Will nitro crack? I am traveling away so I will keep them in room most probably without heating.....the temperatures will heat most probably around 5 celcius

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I wouldn't worry so much with stacking if it's 4 cases on each other that are "rugged" as you say.  If they are good hard-shell cases the form of them should hold well so the guitar doesn't "feel" it that is inside each case.  If you see the cases deform in any way whatsoever in your stack, probably not a good idea to stack them.  You gotta do what you gotta do though. 

Keeping a nitro-finished guitar in a cold place would not be optimal I'd say, but if you ever decide to play it indoors where the temperature is considerably warmer, you have to let the guitar acclimate to the warmer temperature as slowly as possible to prevent the finish from checking.  So what you are watching out for is how fast the guitar warms up if you are freezing it basically.  I've seen videos on people "aging" nitro-finished guitars by freezing it and warming it up rapidly. 

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I can't think any harm that would come to them, other than cosmetic damages to the cases from the foot pads on the bottom surface, as it rests on the case under it.

Guitar wise, it wont really hurt anything.

I used this for my acoustic cases: Amazon.com: String Swing CC29 Folding Hardwood Guitar Case Rack : Musical Instruments

For my electrics, they rest in a similar orientation, (upright) leaning against a wall.

I would not leave them in an heated room in the winter if it's getting all that much below 61 or so

Also (this is debted all the time here) but you don't really want them exposed to lack of, or too much humidity 

Too dry and fret sprout and other kind of cosmetic damage can happen as well as having to chase the setup around with frequent truss rod changes due to too much flux in the RH in the room.    Their hard shell cases are the safest place for them.. always.

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On 3/22/2022 at 9:54 AM, gibsonrene said:

but the guitar will be stored in cases....so can humidity affect them? I mean it is normall room in my house....but unheated during the winter....

the case is the safest place for sure.  I'd take the extra step of letting things warm up a bit before opening the lid.  if finishes go from very cold, to very warm too fast, bad things can happen with things like Nitro.

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