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Gibson Firebird studio low output

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Hello friends!

I just got a Gibson Firebird non-reverse studio, from the used market on reverb.  As most of you know, the guitar has three P-90 coil tapped pickups, a volume knob for each pickup and a master tone knob (4 knobs) this guitar was modified by the previous owner so there's only one master volume, one master tone, and 2 useless knobs. The previous owner also disconnected the second pickup so you can select the bridge pickup, bridge + neck pickups and neck pickup. Also, the coil tap functionality that you can use in the original model by pushing and pulling the knob is disabled. The only thing that's an issue for me though, is that the guitar has a lower output when compared to a single coil Fender telecaster or a Gibson ES-339. I suspect that the the reason for the low volume could be that the previous owner might have fixed the pickups as the "single coil" set, instead of the fully winded P-90's. My question is. How can I check if that's the issue? If I opened the pickup would I see a connection that could indicate whether the pickup is fully winded or is connected o the "single coil version" of the pickup? 

I live in a town with zero options for guitar techs to take a look at it.



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It's the wiring mods not the pickups.  From your description I suspect the previous owner has mistakenly rewired it so the coil tap is permanently selected, which could/would happen if he removed the push/pull function.

I think you need a wiring diagram for the proper circuit and to put it back to what it was.  I really don't think it is the pickups themselves from your description.

However, finding a wiring diagram may be difficult.   Search on the net (think it's a Firebird III if it has 3 pickups) and maybe contact some guitar pickup makers to see if they might be able to help?

You could even try  Gibson.



Good luck!

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