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Permission To Reinter The Lounge.


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I quit the lounge the weekend of the Buddylight ordeal.


I like talking guitars, gear and gun laws. But that was a bad weekend, if you recall.


I've been hanging around, I love my Bozeman, and am a big SG lover, and a gigger of the ES-339.


It's up to you.



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I wonder?


Who voted NO?



128 active users - 32 members, 96 guests.

Most users ever online was 284, Friday, January 30, 2009 8:51 AM.

The Mick , deepblue , KSG_Standard , bohemian , AXE® , dem00n , Guitarooster52 , nicksg941 , jamester , Murph , Jayla , Mr.Bo , neogeoriffic , kantplayyet , RS1976 , bodger , randalldolan , DB_Cooper , Cam in alberta , captainrico , har , es-335 , Honky Dog , amp , jheath , TM , Hoyt , GL3NJ4M1N , Fred_Engr , Howlin4Hubert , RichBolduc , Myles


Could be any of those guys...

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Even though you play a Mesa' date=' we still want you here...

tee hee hee[/quote']


Like, I'm a clown?


What are you sayin'?






Best to ya.....



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Well I gave you a "yes" vote, but I think we should confer with buddy and see what he thinks. Also, shouldn't you post in the "introduction" forum?



Just kidding (about the intro forum and buddy - i did vote yea)

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