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Regular Les paul Custom BB vs Les paul custom reissues


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Hi, I have a question regarding the les paul custom ebony guitars (black beauty with gold hardware)

I’d like to know if the regular Les paul custom (black beauty) is made in the same custom shop as the les paul custom 57 and 68 reissues.

I saw on multiple sites that the regular custom would be of lesser quality and would simply be a gibson USA guitar with a custom shop stamp on it and the reissues would be « real » custom shop guitars, is this true?

I want to know if the regular les paul custom ebony gloss is of the same quality as the 68 or 57 reissues, and if they are really made in the custom shop the same way as the reissues.

There’s a significant price difference and I’d to be sure about this before making a purchase. Thank you.

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Don't take my word as law, but I owned a 2019 Les Paul Custom and now own a 2021 Les Paul Custom '68RI (as well as an R0 and a '61 from 2020 and 2021 respectively) and here is my experience....

The Les Paul Custom (for lack of a better word, the "standard" one) was an extremely well built guitar, of which I personally had no doubt was built by the custom shop. However, there were A LOT of finishing errors and the guitar was super heavy... I didn't weigh it, but I would say it was at least close to 11 lbs... weight relieved!

The guitar sounded great, pickups are rather hot... 498T clocks in around 14k DCR with Alnico V IIRC.

I sold the guitar and bought a '68 RI. IMO they didn't quite hit the whole T-TOP thing, but my take on the custom shop line as a whole is that the prime wood they receive (read lighter wood) go to the reissues, the more heavier and dense woods probably go to their "standard" custom shop lines. But this is only speculation. And while I find sonic merit in both heavy and light wood, if I wanted one that heavy, I would have just purchased a USA Classic. 

I would venture to say that the overall structure quality was the same between the two. Though the RI has no weight relief and is under 9lbs. 

I know that a lot of guitar companies do some rather dirty tricks. But I do not think this is the case here. What I will say however is that the more the custom shop expands... and they are quite a lot, the more similarities they will suffer to the USA shop. Again, just speculation and opinion.

I hope this helps to a degree.

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