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Brand New to Me! 1986 Gibson ES-175D in Mint Condition


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I'm very excited, just bought this gal on Reverb and she arrives Monday. Anyone have any experience with this model that they'd like to share? Apparently they're the iconic jazz boxes of yesteryear. This one was originally purchased by a guitar student in 1986 and the sold to a guy who's stored it in a spare bedroom closet since 1990. It was just setup by an experienced Boston luthier who described it as a true time capsule guitar. Said it "plays like a monster!" Is that a good thing? LOL

Gibson ES-175D 1986 Sunburst image 9

Gibson ES-175D 1986 Sunburst image 1

Gibson ES-175D 1986 Sunburst image 3

Gibson ES-175D 1986 Sunburst image 4

Gibson ES-175D 1986 Sunburst image 5


Gibson ES-175D 1986 Sunburst image 6

Gibson ES-175D 1986 Sunburst image 7

Gibson ES-175D 1986 Sunburst image 8

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22 hours ago, jimmiJAMM said:

What year? Can you please tell me a bit about your experience with it? I've never played one so not quite sure what to expect. Thanks!

Mine is 2013 and a bit different.  In 2013 Gibson produced every model of their electric guitar in gloss ebony black.  I used to have a picture of all of them on display but cannot find it now.  Btw Gibson also introduced the ES-195, a thinline 175 with a 6-a-side headstock.    Like that guitar, the 2013 ES-175 has P94 single-coil pickups and these ones are wound 10k at the neck and 10.5k at the bridge.  The Tonepros bridge and Bigsby are stock,  and I had a black pickguard made as it came with a tortoiseshell one. 

I need to put flatwounds with a wound 3rd on it.   The Bigsby makes it slightly different to play versus a normal ES-175.   I carefully damped the pickups (small patch of velcro n the side) and their springs (replace with some sort of tubing or even a plastic drinking straw cut a little long so it compresses) to eliminate noise, resonance and vibration and that was really worth doing.

It's a sit-down-at-home guitar for me ATM though it has strap buttons.   The one at the heel is on the base rather than on the back of the heel like yours.  I'd love to turn it up to feedback level at a gig...if only I had one.   

The photo below is a homage to Caliman, who I hope is well.



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