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NGD - 2007 Southern Jumbo TV


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Hi everyone, after shopping for a new J45, I decided to maybe pay the extra cash for a Southern Jumbo.

But there are none to be had in my area.

I then came across a 2007 Southern Jumbo True Vintage for considerably less than a new J45.

Went to check it out, and I bought it.

The good -- great condition, Beautiful AAAA top (in my opinion), nice low action, sounds real good, original tan case with pink lining.

The bad -- non-original K&K Pure Mini Pickup installed (some may consider it a plus), previous owner installed strap pin on back of heel :{



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Wasn't 2007 the first year for the TV line?

I have only owned one SJ.  As it was built in 1956,  other than the Banner it looked exactly like yours with the bound board, big pointy pickguard, and 20 frets.  Very different bracing though.  But that guitar remains my second favorite Gibson.  Amazingly punchy and quick sounding.  Back in the day though I had to trade something off to get something else.  So, I parted with it.  Really brings home the fact that some of the worst mistakes I have ever made were selling or trading guitars.  To this day that SJ still haunts me.

But riddle me this.  Was it Bozeman which renamed the model bestowing it with the shortened moniker?  I have never seen it referred to as anything other than Southerner Jumbo in Kalamazoo catalogs.  I always assumed though that this model was the reason the SJ 200 was re-designated J200 to avoid confusion.

Also, the only guitar I  own with a pickup other than my Harmony H40 (which has a factory installed Gibson P13 pickup under the fingerboard extension)  is my 2013 Fairbanks Smeck.  It has the K&K Pure Mini.  I let it be because Dale installed it for the original buyer and as already noted it is about as unobtrusive as it gets,

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Sweet guitar.

My 1943 SJ Re-issue was part of a custom run for Fuller's Vintage in 2006,  and is a great guitar. The only thing I would consider swapping it for is one of the new rosewood SJ re-issues, since I have an embarrassment of mahogany slope-Js right now.

Yours looks like a keeper.

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