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Just saw that they are making this. Can't find much about it online. Seems like Gibson is keeping it under wraps. Why do they do this to us? Don't they know I have an extreme case of GAS that needs to be fulfilled? I was days away from getting a 50th anniversary R9, but I saw this and decided to hold off. Anyone know anything that I don't? I've only found one pic of it from NAMM:




Interesting neck. I heard it's something about the neck being replaced twice or something. But I figured this might spark some discussion. What mods do you think it will have? Buttons under the pickguard? I'm hoping so. And pricing? I'm guessing it will be around $6,000 like the other two JP LPs. Release date? Hopefully soon. I have both of the JP LPs and the 1275, so I will probably splurge on this one as well to complete the collection. Not to mention it's probably going to be an awesome guitar with the mods and all.


Any further info/opinions would be much appreciated.

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