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R8 vs. R9


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Off the top of my head, I think the R8 is more of a plain top, whereas R9 has a real flamey burst. Also think R9 neck is thinner.  Not sure if any difference in pickup's.

I wouldn't guess those photos as either one.


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Different size frets I think as well.  But yeah I think the main differences were the 59s were the original flamed bursts and had a bit of a less chunky neck than the 58s baseball bat.



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They are both delightfully red
Nearly identical, to the untrained eye. 

One of them, though, has a vibe that says to me, "I love puppies, and kitties, and dandelions. And peace on earth."

And the other one practically snarls, "I would kill everyone in this room right now for an unfiltered Camel cigarette."

I'll leave it to you to decide which is which. 


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Only difference I see(based on your posted pics) is one has whiter borders 'round the pick-ups(excuse my lack of knowledge on proper name for 'em) and a whiter pick guard.  The other's are a bit yellowed.  Not sure which is which per your posted images.


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17 hours ago, rct said:

Whatever the difference is, you can be sure that next years models will be even more uber accurate and period correct. 


Ah yes. 'Continuous Improvement' as it was called when I worked. The thing was, they also told us to 'Get it right 1st Time'. :-s

The further away we get from 58 & 59, the more sacred it becomes. Nothing Gibson could possibly do, would ever be seen as good. Not even if they made better guitars than those. Maybe if they charged $2,000,000? That might make 'em as good.

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