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Horrible GF 197

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I've accidentally cracked the back of the neck base of my husband's family heirloom. It's got a substantial Crack across the back base of the neck on the piece that attaches to the top/ back of the body.  Do I have any chance of having this repaired or replaced without just calling this beautiful instrument firewood? Any advice is appreciated. 



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A good luthier can fix just about anything. The Gibson site used to have a list of authorized repair persons in various areas.  If it’s not on the site any more, try writing Gibson Customer Service for an authorized Gibson repair person 👩‍🔧 n your area…unless you already know a good luthier.


QM aka “Jazzman” Jeff

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Very fixable for the right guitar shop luthier, preferably a Gibson authorized vintage repairman, as the neck will likely have to come off and be reset.   Take all the tension off the strings, remove that poorly placed strap button and don't put it back.  It spelled trouble from day 1.

Good luck.

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That is a desirable model/year guitar.  It is not anywhere close to being 'firewood'.   Take your time finding a GOOD luthier.  Not a 'Guitar Center Technician'  or a guy who fixes stuff in his garage.  Word of mouth, recommendations from a rock n' roll guitar store clerk,  Craigslist, etc.  NOPE.   As Murph suggested, if you give us an idea where you are - someone here will likely be able to recommend a good one. 

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1955 was, of course, a transition year for Gibson.  This can often result in a guitar having more quirkiness than you might expect otherwise.  This kind of stuff though tends to endear a guitar to me even more.

If there is one thing I have learned and been able to take solace in most things are repairable.  In the case of your husband's guitar, it is a more difficult repair than say a headstock break.  I would only go with a full neck replacement as a last resort.  While I have repaired headstocks myself, I have had to have a neck replaced once.  I lucked out though and was able to find a replacement neck off the same model from roughly the same build period.  So, while it was an OEM part it was just not original to that guitar.

As to who you choose to do the work, "authorized" means only they are on a list to do warranty work.   What you might do is talk to some local or regional Mom & Pop stores and ask who they go to when they need work done on a guitar.  That is how I found the repair guy who fixed up my 1942 Gibson J50 among others.   Actually, he is the kind of guy who repaired guitars not in his garage but in a shed behind his house.  I later found the vintage Martin guys called him "Doc."

Looking at where the strap lock is located and where the neck is broken, I also would not be overly hard on yourself.  All it would take is the wrong size bit having been used or drilled too deep during the installation of the strap lock to have weakened the neck.    

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1 hour ago, J185cat said:

If you cannot find a good local shop Gibson has a repair/restoration shop in Nashville that does good work although they are slow. Get this done right  and you should be good to go.

My '42 J50 was in the shop one full year.  Literally one Columbus Day to the next.  It did not help that my repair guy was not to be found during turkey hunting season.  In the end though it was well worth it.

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As someone suggested ask around for a vintage luthier as that is a very nice old guitar, and there are authorized repaired that 

don't have the knowledge to make the correct repair, , as an example the last place you want to send a vintage Martin for repairs is the Martin factory repair shop.

Ask around I would suggest again as someone already stated you can start by going to used shop that carry used/vintage instruments

And good luck with that guitar.

I know that strap buttons are very useful, but its obvious that the stress fracture happened at the weakest point, IMO

Although I might add that sit on the "no to strap button side of the fence" and many other dont!!! Again good luck! 


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19 minutes ago, BluesKing777 said:

Think I heard yelling and screaming round 11pm the other night.....

Anyway, a friend rang me a few years ago very upset after smacking a big hole (very similar to above) in the front of his 15 series M by hitting the mic on stand. We took it to my luthier and I have to say the repair is very hard to see, and at first look, nothing.... good job, looks like a surgery scar up close. My friend has almost stop kicking himself for it....almost.

The luthier obviously had done this sort of repair a lot and when I asked him how most of his guitar repairs were hurt, he said an amazing amount are left on a chair and forgotten for a minute and..kazzaaam. 😶



BK777 - is this the right thread !?

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