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PSA: Auction of 1968 Fender amps


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I keep an eye on auctions in case anything interesting pops up. This one has a dozen or so Fender amps from 1968:


It's up in northern Vermont from a single collection. Definitely some interesting pieces. By coincidence I have a 1968 BandMaster reverb head that I got without the speaker cab. I play it through an Orange 4X12 cab but am always on the lookout for an old Fender. They have 2 in the auction but they are the big ones, likely went with the Dual Showman's and probably as heavy as my Orange cab, so I'll likely pass on those. Interesting that one collector would have all these amps, mostly from '68. Usually the collectors go for the Black Face amps from a few years earlier but still quite a few gems here.

Bids close on 4/21 so it's hard to gauge where bidding will be up to by then but maybe there will be some decent deals.

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I LOVE my Dual Showman Amp and 2X15" JBL speaker Cab....but it's just too danged big to move around!

I mostly use my dad's old Princeton Reverb amp.... both amps have been rebuilt and the Showman got brand new old stock JBL's in it.

One is a 1970, the other is a 1971.... but I forget which is which.


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