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NGD and NAD: 2019 R0 and Marshall 2266C


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Hi all. I acquired these two pieces of equipment a few months back but am finally getting around to getting a video up to demonstrate them.

I found the 2019 R0 hanging on the wall of Lidgett's Music in Council Bluffs, IA. I didn't think much of it by sight alone as I had a 1997 R8 with quilt top that I thought was the ultimate guitar for me, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask to try the R0. That was a mistake as I could not let it go. The V3 60's neck is so incredibly comfortable and it had a vibe to it. It sounded alive, like every note breathed. The proprietor of the shop cut me a deal I truly could not refused and it went home with me and has become one of my main guitars for gigs. I say in all honesty that this is the best Les Paul I've ever had the pleasure to play. I'm thinking back to years of trying out Custom Shop Les Paul's from stores all around the US and this is my favorite so far. Very blessed to have come across it the way I did.

My main amp rig was a 50 watt Marshall Vintage Modern head with a 2x12 cab for years. However, it got to a point last year where gigs became numerous and venues/soundguys became less consistent, so I needed to downsize. I tried running through the Fractal FM3 unit, which is incredibly impressive in its own way, but it still could not emulate a real tube amp 100%. The FRFR cab on stage is also less than ideal compared to Celestions roaring behind you. So I figured my only acceptable compromise was to get the VM in a combo form and then modify it to meet my portability and volume needs. I was able to find one from N Stuff music in PA after a few months of searching. It sounded great right out of the box and I was thoroughly impressed with the G12C speakers loaded in it. Incredible tone. So after the obligatory retubing and biasing, in order to meet the portability function, I installed casters and begrudgingly took out the two G12 and replaced it with one Neo Creamback. This made the amp go from almost 70 lbs to a little under 60. I can one-arm it if absolutely necessary, however, with the casters, I've found that to be a rare event. I mounted a piece of plywood over the empty speaker hole as I liked the semi-closed back tone it had as opposed to a ported cab. For volume, I mounted a Torpedo Captor inside the cabinet and cut a rectangle out of the back panel to mount a Rockboard pass-thru XLR/Power port. This allows me to centralize the AC input as well as the output for the DI on the Torpedo. The DI is based off a 4x12 with V30s mic'd with an SM57. The emulated out actually sounds pretty good and has been my go-to method for all of my gigs so far. The most important part of it is the fact that I'm able to either attenuate the volume 20db or cut the speaker entirely and go direct if the venue and/or soundguy is really unforgiving.

I've recorded a Gary Moore song with the amp and the guitar. I think it's very close to his live tone in the few years before his passing. I know he was using a 1959 SLP HW, so not quite the same amp, but the same vibe. I recorded the emulated out on the Torpedo as well as mic'd the Neo Creamback with a Sennheiser e906 and blended the two. Sort of a fitting tribute to Jim Marshall as well, given yesterday was the 10th anniversary of his passing. Thanks for reading through my post!


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Nice job! You definitely have the Gary style and tone down. Great score with the R0. I used to have a '97 Custom Shop LP Elegant in butterscotch that always remind me of Gary's (Peter Green's) holy grail guitar. Best LP I've ever had, out of 6.

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