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Which size pins?


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Hey everyone,

    I’m planning on switching out the pins on my hummingbird deluxe but I have no idea what size pins I should be ordering… I called customer support at Gibson and I was told they don’t have the specs to even tell me. Was curious if anyone on here might have any info on it. 


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I too got 2As from Colosi's website over a span of a few years for my 3 Gibson acoustics, incl an H'Bird TV. Being somewhat OCD - I fiddled with them to mix and match so the abalone colors matched  more closely and so I got the best fit for each pin in each hole.   Then, being OCD, I marked each pin (1-6) with a fine liner pen.    I hope you don't have the same 'issues'  I did.  Do.   

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If you order bone or wooden  pins and are worried they may be too small, I would order a larger diameter than you think you need a sand them down to fit perfectly. Bone sands as easily as wood, just make sure you don't breathe in the bone dust.

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