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My Franken Paul Project...


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Just an up date... Everything is in order, I have all the parts I needed/wanted. I dropped the guitar off to the top Luthier guitar guy in my area. All that needs to be done now is the nitro finish, wiring and final assembly. Only problem is this guy has about a 3 or 4 month backlog of work in front of my project Paul.... So I don't think I'll be seeing it until the end of this summer.... Here is a listing of parts I gathered for the project:


2006 LPVM body

1970's double line double ring Gibson tuners

Seymoure Duncan Custom Shop JP pick ups with Nickle covers

RS Guitar Works JP electronics kit (push pull coil tap and phase reverse with bumble bees)

Nickle Tune O Matic bridge and stop bar

vintage correct cream plastics (pick up rings, pick guard, switch washer and jack plate)

Top finish is gold (gold leaf so I needed to do the nitro cap to protect it)


I hope it will look and sound as good as I imagine it will... Time will tell

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