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1983 Matsumoku Sheraton questions (Thanks in advance)


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New Member -

Happy to be here.

I just found and bought a beautiful 1983 Japanese Sheraton made at the Matsumoku factory.

I'm gonna have to just dive in and see what's what about the pots and such, but I have a few questions

which I haven't found answers for elsewhere that I'd like to throw out to you all...

1.  What does the "A.S." stand for?

and 2.  There is what looks to be an original washer under the input jack with "Y.S." stamped on it.

I haven't seen one on any of the others I've seen pictures of online.  Does anyone have an idea what it 

stands for or signifies?


Thanks in advance,


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AS is almost certainly Antique Sunburst. You could shock me and say it isn't a sunburst finish, but I'm pretty confident.

For the washer, I probably need to see a photo. My first thought is simply a "maker mark," for lack of a more industrial term. How can you tell it is original, and not something added later on?

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On 4/19/2022 at 3:02 AM, EmJ said:

1.  What does the "A.S." stand for?

Welcome to the forum 🙂

I have a few 80's Matsumoku Epi's. The abbreviation for the finish was normally stamped after the model name on the tan label within the 'F' holes (e.g. Casino AS, Sheraton WR).
AS = Antique Sunburst*
WR = Wine Red
NA = Natural

 * I've seen some of the antique sunburst models marked as ASB instead of AS.


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