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Looking at buying my first genuine Steinberger Spirit GT Pro Deluxe guitar this year.


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Hi everyone,

I'm looking at buying my first genuine Steinberger Spirit GT Pro Deluxe headless guitar this year as a birthday present to myself, since i have my 53rd birthday coming-up this year in August, I'm located in Darwin NT Australia, and would like to order my new Steinberger Spirit GT Pro Deluxe online if at all possible, so, since this is my first time, how do I go about it?, I suppose I could try buying one on eBay, but maybe I could order one direct from Steinberger, how much is it going to cost me in Australian dollars?

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I ordered mine recently from a website in the US called "Sam Ash".  It's a large chain of music stores here.  I'm not sure if they will ship to your country, but check their website.  I got mine brand new and cheaper than any price on eBay.  However, it took about 3 months for it to arrive.  Supply and demand, I suppose.

Pros : 
- Looks cool. 
- Lighter than my other guitars.
- Nice adjustable lap bar thing.
- Tiny gig bag makes it portable.

Cons : 
- Terrible pickups, especially the single coil. 
- Required a full setup by a proper luthier.  Intonation was way off, action too high, lots of tweaks needed for the pickups.
- The weight balance is off when using a strap while standing.  The guitar tilts forward and you can't see the fretboard while standing.
- The fretboard is slightly narrower than my other guitars.  Pressing down on the high E string sometimes slips off the side of the board.

- Double ball strings are expensive.

- I can't find a proper hook to hang it on the wall with my other guitars.  Headless = hangless.

- (Edit)  Almost forgot, the tuning knobs are incredibly tight.  I have to use a screwdriver to tune the guitar.


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