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CJ-165 binding - bright white or yellowed?


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A question regarding the CJ-165 to all you CJ-165 owner folks at the forum.


Is the body and neck binding on your CJ-165 a very bright white, off-white or yellowed?


I ask this because most pictures I see of these guitars have very white bindings.

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I've been looking for pickguard material that is the same color as the "yellowed" binding. I've played the Google game, but have come up dry that way, as well as visits to the usual web sites. Anyone know where I might find something like that in the 0.025" to 0.035" thickness range?

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Thanks ksdaddy. Mine is a lefty I ordered in Fall 2008 and the binding is yellowed.


Another question. Do you have a specification for the CJ-165 bridge pins to put in an order at Bob Colosi's? http://guitarsaddles.com/


Gibson responded to my email very quickly but did not provide much detail on these bridge pins.


I replaced the pins on my CJ-165. Look on the Colosi site and there is a description of how to get the measurements. Mainly you want to use dial calipers to get the dimension on the current pins just under the skirt. Mine came out about .203 which Bob called (Size 1.3T) and these worked well for me' date=' although they may be on the loose side...which I prefer rather than having to strain to try and pull the pins every string change. I got the 4mm abalone inlayed pins to match the abalone sound hole inlay and I think it looks really sharp.


From my understanding Gibsons do not always use the same size pins so if you can grab a dial caliper and measure then there should me no problems.


The binding on mine which is a 07 Maple sunburst is off white, but certainly not Donny Osmond teeth bright white.





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