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Last night our 5 piece group gathered for our weekly geezer rock session. We knew ahead of time we would be missing our drummer due to his family obligation. That's cool- it happens from time to time.

Our bass player showed up with a surprise spare drummer in tow. Happily, he turned out to be one member's old neighborhood buddy he had not seen for 40 years. We started easy: The Weight, Can't You See, Take It Easy and progressed into Rikki Don't Lose That Number and American Girl, Just What I Needed, Running On Empty, and more.... We played abouth three hours of tunes - without repetitions.

We're not looking to replace anyone : the camraderie and friendship of our group trumps all.    But

This dude was GOOD. Yeah, a few of the endings were a little ragged. But that was understandable in a first impression scenario.  A different style was heard. We had a blast. 

Should our drummer be absent again, we know who to call.

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Good going!  Most don't luck out like that.  

Now, I'm not that familiar with most here so I don't know if yours is a working band and those jam sessions are just letting off steam or what.  Either way it good to know there's someone on hand in case of any need.

Glad for ya. 


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Whenever any new player deps it changes the whole dynamic of the band. This is especially true of bassists & drummers. We've had a couple of different drummers step in when ours was unavailable. And when our original (steady and solid) bassist quit, is was the same thing with his replacement, who's a busier more ambitious player. 

Its not about better or worse. Its just 'different'. 

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I played with the same drummer for at least 25 years.  But one time he couldn't make a gig and we found a substitute who was supposed to be a good jobber that could fill in without any rehearsal.  He did OK.  Toward the end of the night we were doing a sort of improv medley of Beach Boys/Chuck Berry tunes and somehow it morphed into Wipeout.  When it got to the drum part, which every drummer my age learned as their first drum solo, he didn't know it!!  We all had a good laugh over that - guess he was too young to have ever heard it.  

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