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Tuning issues common?


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Hey all:

So I owned an Epiphone dot around 2006-7, I liked it, stayed in tune, decent electronics, but when I got better at guitar and played plugged in more, I didn't like the pickups, I found them weak and muddy when overdriven, so I got a different guitar.


Fast forward to today, I was reading about how Epiphone has really jumped up in quality, and  saw nothing but outstanding reviews of the new "inspired by Gibson" line and the Sheraton 2 Pro with probuckers.  I listened to them online quite a bit, and went in to guitar center to try them out, excited to come out with a great guitar.  What I found, to my disappointment, was the 3 Epiphones I tried were all unplayable.  I liked the tone, but they legitimately couldn't stay in tune.  One I would tune, play a chord, and then the next chord would be out of tune, the other I would play one lead, and then out of tune, the 3rd, I couldn't even get to tune once, by the time I finished tuning all the strings, another would be out of tune.

I was a little shocked and disappointed because of all the good reviews, and even my old dot would stay in tune alright.  Is this a common Epiphone issue that isn't discussed?  I know it isn't a Gibson, but the Sheraton is $750 without a case, and expecting a playable guitar isn't too much to ask for at even that price point.  


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That's a set up issue, not necessarily a quality issue. Who knows how old the strings are etc. The nuts always need adjustment, even gibsons need a set up.

In my opinion the Sheraton is the best guitar epiphone make, but personally I would get an older Korean one. Theres nothing wrong with the new ones, just personal preference.

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