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Disturtion noise from neck pickup


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hi guys,


I just started playing my relative new les Paul Studio and noticed that even at low volumes if I strum hard the sound is distorted even though my amp gain is set to low. I think it happens after 10-15 minutes of playing. it does not distort when both or bridge pickup are selected.


can it be a faulty pickup? or this is the way it should be?


the pickups are the traditional humbackers T - somwthing...

My amp is a Fender tube (Blues Junior).





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By distortion, do you mean sort of like an overdriven sound, or like humming from the pickups?


The fact that it only happens after a few minutes leads me to believe that it's just the way your amp is. As the tubes in the amp warm up, they become more sensitive to signals from your pickups. You didn't mention which pickup, but I'm assuming it's the bridge, meaning it'll be a very powerful 498t Gibson humbucker driving that Fender tube. Does your amp have a low-gain input? If it has both a high- and low-gain input, I'd suggest the low-gain.

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