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Help with A framus


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Anybody Know About Vintage Framus Guitars ?

A Guy I Work With Bought A Framus From A

Guy Whos Brother Brought It Back From

Germany After WW2.

He Can Not Find Any Info On It Any Where.




Also Here Is Some Pics Of His Old Gibson

He Bought For $200 . It Was In A

Wearhouse Covered In Dust.





I Do Not Know The Year Or Model .

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The Framus looks like a 5/112 Sorrento made in the 60s. Look at the label and you should see a rubber stamp with two digits and a letter, 66E for example. 66 is the year and E would mean May. (A-Jan,B-Feb,etc)


The Gibson is a pre-1955 ES-125, possibly late 40s based on the knobs.

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