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Chickenfoot, anybody?


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The new band project put together by Sammy Hagar, anybody heard about this?


Sammy Hagar does vocals, and plays a pretty mean rhythm/slide guitar.

Michael Anthony of Van Halen on bass and backing vocals.

Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers plays drums.

and Joe Satriani is playing lead guitar.


Yes, that Joe Satriani....


I was a big Sammy fan long before he joined Van Halen, and I like alot of his solo stuff.

In recent years, his live shows and his albums started to sound more like Jimmy Buffett so I kinda lost interest.


I've seen him half a dozen times, and he can work a crowd like nobody since James Brown.

Sounds like this new album kicks some serious Rock and Roll *** if you can stomach the enviro/political stuff....


I'm looking forward to learning more about it.

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Way to pay attention.


Looks like that thread came and went pretty quick during the five days I was away at work.


In other words;


Youtube + Work = No job.


Good thing you're so smart!!!


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