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Would a Historic Gibson make you sell your Standard?


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I recently picked up a new Standard 50's Les Paul. I feel I got a really good one. Pretty nice flame on the Tabaco burst top for a standard. Someone I know picked up the same guitar with the same finish and it isn't near as nice, no flame whatsoever and a very mismatched looking top. Mine is also fairly light at 9.2 pounds. It plays like a dream and sounds fantastic. Being a Fender only guy for 40 years and owning 2 very nice custom shop Fenders, I can't believe how easier a gibson is to play. Still need my Fenders but I've been playing the Les Paul 80% of the time at gigs since I got it.
However I'm thinking that some where in the future I may be looking to acquire an R8 (possibly an R9). Likely I'll buy new unless the market changes around me. All the used ones listed seem to be going for near the price of a new one and some are asking more than new. However I will be keeping my eyes on the used market.
However I can't see me selling the standard that I have now. On the other hand if I find an R8 that is that much better I'm not sure why I would hang on to the standard. I'd be in a position where financially I could keep both. I'll be trying to compare as I go along to see if the R8 isn't necessarily better but just very different.
So just wondering for those that have acquired a historic R7\R8\R9\R0, etc and owned a standard model and kept it. What were your reasons for keeping both?

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It's down to personal choice really But I have a 2014 Traditional (which I think is pretty close if not the same as a 50's Standard) and a 2014 R8, that I bought after the Trad and honestly the Trad never comes out of it's case, essentially it's a brand new 8 year old guitar, it still smells new, but every guitars different so only you can tell.

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I have a Classic, a 50’s Standard, and a R8. All late year models. I was ready to trade in my Standard along with a Strat and amp to go towards a R9 that I want but after playing the Standard a bit more I just can’t bring myself to part with it. It’s to nice of a guitar. Not that far off from my R8 to be honest. Guess I’ll have to save some for the R9.

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