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Hello all, I’m just looking for some friendly advice. I’m pretty sure I’ve been ripped off on eBay lately. In my haste to replace my Les Paul machine heads I bought the ones in the images below. However they didn’t fit and the seller will not accept returns. Now they are mine to sell but I think I paid way too much (£129) . For your information, the writing says “made in Germany” on the underside. Which I assume means Schaller, but wanted to know can anyone tell me 


a) if there’s anything special about these which justifies the price.


b) what could I charge for these as a fair price when I send them to their new home. 

many thanks.









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It's a very late reply, but -


Could be Schaller, more likely to be Faber IMO.   The Gibson page doesn't state country of manufacture.

A shame they didn't fit - there are many  variations in size etc.  You will need to know size for a successful sale of course.

Unfortunately there are literally tens of thousands of sets of machine heads on the market.  

You wrote a (GBP) £ sign.   If you are in the UK or Europe, look at these prices;



I've seen slightly higher (+£10 or so) in other online stores.

The ones you bought may have been re-imported from the USA....which might explain (a bit) the very high price!

Best wishes!


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