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Telecaster shaped PRS coming?


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A Myles Kennedy signature PRS Telecaster? Myles Kennedy was spotted onstage in Hamburg wielding a mysterious new PRS T-type guitar. Could PRS be about to release a Telecaster-style instrument? Or is it just a prototype being tested?

Myles Kennedy spotted with a PRS Telecaster - A new signature model -  gearnewscom

And some terrible footage but you can see the guitar a bit more



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I love and respect Paul Reed Smith. 
He's a good man who cares about making great guitars. 

I respect PRS guitars. 
They are well made and feel and sound great. 

But a Telecaster shaped PRS guitar is unnecessary. 
And a vulgar affront to all that Tele players hold dear. 



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23 minutes ago, RBSinTo said:


Wouldn't it make more sense to ask these questions of Mr. Smith?

I can't speak for anyone else, but I haven't got the faintest idea. Or care.


It was just the text I copied from the website I saw the story on.

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20 hours ago, Whitefang said:

Well, why not?

We've already seen tons of Strat body copies.  And too then, nobody questioned it or complained.  So what's the big deal now?


PRS makes good axes,  but they already put a strat-a-like modely out for John Mayer,  didn't like that one either.

and now this,  

And the Luddites (like me) are getting restless


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On 6/13/2022 at 1:08 AM, RBSinTo said:

If there is such a mystique about Stratocasters, why not just buy one of them, rather than Joe Schmo Guitars look-alike?


When people b1tch about Fenders playability, people say 'stick with it - you'll adjust. IME that is BS.  I used a Strat exclusively for 25 years. Always found it a b@stard to play. I endured it because of its sound. 

These days I prefer Telecasters, but I cant play those either. Same essential problem- string spacing. So when a rival makes a Strat or Tele with improved reveal, flatter fretboards & no edge rolling, then that's what I'll buy. Fender cant/wont do it, then someone else will. Good job too.

I use an English 'Strat' and a Japanese 'Tele'. 

I tried a Silver Sky. I found neck uncomfortable. Now I am not fussy about necks. I can handle all kinds, but I wont pick up one of those again.

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