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In the Merry Olde Court of Gibson - who's the Jester?


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Think back to those movies and TV shows about Robin Hood and that kind of thing.

Really, anything based around Great Britain in the last 1,000 years with castles and Kings and such.


If this forum were back in Medieval Times with all our characters present, WHO WOULD BE THE COURT JESTER?


Who would be the really irritating, flaky goof falling-down-like-Charlie Chaplin-for-laughs-all-the-time guy?


You know the type.

Still funny from time to time, but with a sense of humor lacking any real consideration for decorum and courtesy.

Maybe smart, but you just really can't tell?

Makes insults then says it's all in good fun, as if he's the only one laughing and suddenly realizes it.

THINKS he's gut-busting funny and can do self-deprecating (and self-defecating) jokes when nothing else works...


Who would this be in Our Little Kingdom?


I'll go first - Homz!




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Wow, listen to Guitar Junkie!


I had no idea Homz 'career' might be so limited, so soon.





I posted this elsewhere, thought I would tie it all together.


Homz' date=' I'm pretty certain the Court Jester here would be you - knee pads or not.


And if you look into Merry Olde England and other such Courts who employed such a figure, I think you'll find their tenure to be tragically short. Seems the most gracious of Kings would get sick of the same old stupid sh!t in no time....




Let's do a poll![/b] :-




Anyhow, that's how it all came about.

Even a Right-Wing Nut-Job Conservative can appreciate the arts, eh?



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The jester position is only up for grabs because I used it in another thread. I again point out the lack of original thought from Neo.


I do; however, think that position is already filled. Sorry King Neo, I must decline.

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If this were the middle ages, I'd be the one kicking your asses:





Not to be a stick in the mud and ruin your party... but methinks a bit more research on the middle ages is in order before we start assigning positions in court. F'rinstance... jesters were actually highly valued, and some were given free reign to speak their minds (http://www.press.uchicago.edu/Misc/Chicago/640914.html)


"...An individual court jester in Europe could emerge from a wide range of backgrounds: an erudite but nonconformist university dropout, a monk thrown out of a priory for nun frolics, a jongleur with exceptional verbal or physical dexterity, or the apprentice of a village blacksmith whose fooling amused a passing nobleman. Just as a modern-day television stand-up comedian might begin his career on the pub and club circuit, so a would-be jester could make it big time in court if he was lucky enough to be spotted. In addition, a poet, musician, or scholar could also become a court jester.


The recruiting of jesters was tremendously informal and meritocratic, perhaps indicating greater mobility and fluidity in past society than is often supposed. A man with the right qualifications might be found anywhere: in Russia "they were generally selected from among the older and uglier of the serf-servants, and the older the fool or she-fool was, the droller they were supposed and expected to be. The fool had the right to sit at table with his master, and say whatever came into his head." Noblemen might keep an eye out for potential jesters..."



Frankly, no one would be trying to attain this position if it meant a speedy death once the King tired of you.



It seems as if, perhaps, in an effort to insult eachother, you have actually, in fact, been highly complimentary.


Well done guys... now shake hands....


Happy Hump Day!



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Speaking of which... I just finished this hilarious book in which the hero is a court jester to King Lear... it's a comedic mash up of Shakespeare and European history. I think you'd like it Chan.





Thanks sir!! You're right, it sounds interesting :). I'll see if I can't locate a copy.


(and thanks Wicked and Axe®... I try to let most of this pass, but this one just begged for it.... =D> )

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Yeah, all the poking and prodding from the extreme political radical Left and Right is getting pretty old.


It's about as productive as poking a dead cat with a stick.


On that note. I'm going to go play some music.

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