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Clip On Tuner / Snark Fell To Pieces


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I've had two Snark tuners.

They are reasonably priced and suit my pedestrian tuning requirements very well.

The first succumbed to fatigue of the neck ball joint which I repaired with glue and used right up to when our Daughter's dog managed to get it on the floor and chewed it to pieces.

No tuner anyone makes can stand up to a determined dog.

The second one has been fine except for the clamp pads which kept falling off until I re-glued them.

For me, the top-of-the line flux-capacitor-powered tuners with the blow-back clip feed and the hyper-drive are overkill, while the Snarks are perfect.


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I picked up D'Addario NS micro clip on tuner a few years ago.  Somebody had a sale and I got 2 of them for about $20.  They have been reliable and pretty easy to see even in bright light conditions.  I'm so old I played guitar before electronic tuners existed.  We used tune to the piano - which was rarely in tune itself!!

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